PHOTO ESSAY: WinterFest 2017, Part One

There was plenty to photograph at the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce WinterFest 2017 celebration.

It was a beautiful weekend and all the events were enjoyable. One of the highlights each year is the balloon launch on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

On Saturday the launch downtown from the open space on Hot Springs Blvd. On Sunday they lift off from several spots uptown near the golf course and recreation center of Pagosa Lakes. Several balloonists came to enjoy the crisp air and blue sky. Each balloon had a local business sponsor and spectators gave the aerial gems, cheers of encouragement. Many of the balloons and their crews are regulars to our events, some boasting 20+ years of attendance. The winds were light and ideal for fantastic flights. Children squealing with delight and countless moments captured with so many cameras everywhere.

A new event this year, Fat Tire Bike Race had a nicely groomed track at Yamaguchi Park. Young and “Mature” boys and girls, energetic athletes zipped around the hills and curves of the scenic riverside park. Winners were awarded with medals and hot cocoa and crepes were served for donations to benefit single track rides. Another great reason to get out and enjoy Pagosa.

The Pups were out again, escorting their owners for a dog walk through Town Park, along The San Juan and Pagosa St. Entries and donations are a benefit to the Pagosa Springs Humane Society. There were a few real cute pups available for adoption at the event. Dogs dressed up in costumes are always good for laughs.

Seemed to be many visitors and locals out enjoying all the fun. Good for Pagosa Springs!

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